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Why buy property in the USA?

Why Buy Property In The USA?
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Join hundreds of South Africans who have successfully grown their capital through property partnerships in the USA.

  • Buying into a stable currency such as the US Dollar, is a wise and healthy form of wealth management.
  • Property has always been one of the safest purchases to make, as it has a high tangible asset value, it offers competitive risk-adjusted returns as well as stable income return.
  • USA landlords enjoy substantial protection.
  • Diversify and grow your capital in $$$.
  • Hedge against the volatile Rand.
  • Millions of the baby boomer generation (the wealthiest generation ever) are looking for properties to rent and purchase in the USA.
  • All equity exchange in the USA is regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • US$ 153 billion in foreign property purchases. (2017)
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