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Why buy into Assisted Living?

Why Buy Into Assisted Living?
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The profound growth dynamics of the US senior population and the success of the US seniors housing industry create a powerful opportunity and position this sector of the real estate market for consistent profits in structured development opportunities. Demand for Senior Housing continues to exceed supply.

The rate at which American Seniors are retiring is truly staggering. The number of Americans 65 and older will increase significantly due to the emergence of Baby Boomers into the age of retirement. Such a vast increase only creates a greater demand for Senior Living Facilities.

Florida is the #1 state for Retirement with 84,663 retirees moving to Florida in 2018 – in 2nd place was Arizona with 28,614.

Baby Boomers turn 65 Each Day
New Senior Housing Units required per Year
Percent Increase per Year in Senior Housing Units is necessary to meet the Projected Demand
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