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Gibraltar Corporate Capital
Your USA Property Partner

Join hundreds of South Africans who have successfully grown their capital through property partnerships in the USA.

Gibraltar Corporate Capital offers easy access to USA property partnerships generating monthly returns in US$. Our team has over 150 years combined experience and assists with the entire process.

We identify and target projects with maximum growth and return potential and have gone to great lengths to provide a partnership that limits potential losses.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why buy property in the USA?
  • Buying into a stable currency such as the US Dollar, is a good form of wealth management.
  • Property is one of the safest purchases to make, as it has a high tangible asset value, it offers competitive risk-adjusted returns as well as stable income return.
  • USA landlords enjoy substantial protection.
  • Diversify and grow your capital in $$$.
  • Hedge against the volatile Rand.
  • Millions of the baby boomer generation (the wealthiest generation ever) are looking for properties to rent and purchase in the USA.
  • All equity exchange in the USA is regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
Why purchase in Florida?
  • AA1 Moody’s rating
  • There are 74.1 million baby boomers
  • GDP of 1.3 trillion dollars meaning that if Florida was its own nation, it would have the 17th-largest economy in the world
  • Low probability of a recession
  • Florida has the 5th largest economy in the USA
  • No State taxes
  • Over 100 million visitors in 2018
  • Major corporations are expanding their footprint in the Florida Space Coast area, including: Boeing, SpaceX, NASA, Harris, etc
Featured Project
Harmony Landing Assisted Living Facility Development
Palm Bay | Florida | USA

Capitalize on the growing demand for Assisted Living Facilities.

Get your USA Green Card and earn Dividends

Harmony Landing is a USCIS approved EB-5 Visa Project, with industry leading dividends paid annually (7%*).

Minimum requirements for EB-5 are changing from $500k to $900k, effective 21 Nov 2019

What our Clients Say

I was very skeptical at first and only contributed an initial $10k, after seeing the monthly amounts reflecting in my account I visited the USA team. On my return I increased my partnership substantially in May 2018 and was surprised to see the projects completed in November 2018 and my money returned earning 10% in just 5 months. I am looking forward to increasing my partnership and earning incredible returns with Gibraltar.

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